Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lansing City Market - Lansing

Today, I had lunch at the Lansing City Market, so I thought I would post some photos I took today as well as some photos I took a few weeks ago. Lansing has had a City Market since 1909. The old building was torn down a couple of years ago to make room for condos. The developer put up this new building to replace it. I loved the old City Market building, and I hated to see it torn down. The good news is the new building gets more traffic than the old one.

The City Market sits across the river from the Accident Fund Building I highlighted recently.

This shot was taken a few weeks ago from across the river as the sun was coming up.

This shot was taken today from a boat on the river. I had the opportunity to take a short lunchtime cruise on a pontoon boat.

This sculpture, titled "Inspiration" sits between the City Market and the Shiawasee Street bridge.


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